Towering forest of majestic Californian Redwoods trees. Great Otway National Park, Victoria Australia.

Writer and Photographer Steven Sklifas is acknowledged for his passion to highlight, and chronicle, the undeniable uniqueness of earth, the majesty of nature and the vestiges of humankind’s ancient past, specifically those of Ancient Greece.

He has traveled and photographed the world, capturing an extensive archive of historical images, largely focused on the Natural World, the Ancient Greek, and Mediterranean World.

His images have appeared in hundreds of books, magazines and newspapers and have also been included in exhibitions such as the exhibition- “Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World” held at the Getty Museum and National Gallery of Art Washington DC. 

Steven is a skilled writer and lecturer. He produced and presented the lecture ‘A Photographic Odyssey of the Glory and Legacy of the Ancient Greek and Hellenistic World’. It was presented in Melbourne, Australia and included Steven conducting several radio and newspaper interviews.

Several travel-related features incorporating his words and images have been widely published.

Steven specialises in projects that he is passionate about: Cultural and Natural Heritage, the Ancient Greeks, History, Travel, Architecture, Nature and the Environment.

Steven lives in a suburb in Melbourne, Australia. He delights in reading Homer, tending to his garden, and immersing himself in nature by hiking and trekking through the majestic forests found in his home state, Victoria and beyond.

Steven welcomes all inquiries and is available for assignment and commissioned projects and consultation throughout Australia and international locations.